Consulting & Support in the field of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technologies 

Your safe start in Web3

You want to invest in digital assets? 

We advise you personally, take you by the hand and accompany you until your first investment. Find out what risks there are when investing in digital assets and how you can reduce them.  

Would you like to accept cryptocurrencies as an additional means of payment in your business?

We are happy to offer you solutions on how you can accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment in your business, whether retail, hospitality or online shop, without the risks of exchange rate fluctuations.  

Are you interested in mining cryptocurrencies and the hardware required?

We are happy to provide you with advice in the area of mining. Find out in our consultation which mining hardware is required for mining on the respective existing blockchains or desired digital assets.  

Are you interested in tokenizing your property and assets?

Blockchain technology makes it possible to digitize them. Talk to us about how we can digitize your desired assets together and let us advise you on the implementation of your project.  

Active Crypto Trade Management

Upon client request, we offer active crypto trading management. With extremely conservative strategies, we manage your investment in cryptocurrencies and achieve the most risk-optimized result possible through classic buy and sell operations in combination with classic arbitrage strategies. This service was developed by us especially for small investors and starts with a one-time deposit of EUR 250.00. Since the start of this service in 2020, the generated return has averaged 8.4% per quarter.